Medicine River

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Brian Lee

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  1. Medicine River Clip 2:04
  2. Moon Whales Clip 1:30


An album of music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Using the sounds of the classic synthesizer, the Korg M1.
This is music that grows out of the simple, natural relationships of the harmonic series – something deeper than culture – something universal.
Music that will – if you let it – connect you with the deeper parts of yourself – where you can relax and dream.
Listeners have said this music has helped them find a creative space for painting. Others have said it has helped them sleep or deal with physical pain.
You can read more about the source of the river here, the technical aspects of the music here or you can listen to sound clips which can say far more than mere words.


Track Listing

1. By water 4:47

2. Moon Whales 3:05

3. Solar Wind 6:10

4. Sumerian Dance 2:29

5. Yes, by water 4:45

6. El Pájaro Solitario 5:42

7. Door Into Nothing 3:32

8. Medicine River II 7:43

9. Medicine River I 18:30

10. Spirit of the Lake 4:29

All compositions by Brian Lee

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The power of this music comes from the simple, natural relationships of the harmonic series – something deeper than culture – something universal.

The scales used in this music are quite different from those used in western music. In fact they have more in common with the scales used in Indian, Arabic even Inuit and Inca music.

Medicine River can take you on a journey to the deepest parts of yourself.

“know that she is there within you

wild and distant

ancestor of all that changes”

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Medicine River

  1. benbelinsky

    Mike Steer – 21st October 2015:

    Reviewed by Mike Steer in Caduceus issue 24.

    This is an album composed in dreamtime which escapes the clichés bedevilling so much New Age synth music. It consists principally of slowly evolving melodic chords played on wind-inspired synth sounds (expertly programmed by Clive Ives). Titles such as Moon Whales and Door into Nothing suggest the sound world, but what makes Brian Lee’s music original is that he subtly retunes certain notes in the scale to create effects of unearthly beauty and purity that are directly in tune with the psychic self. Therapists, especially hypnotherapists may find this will produce a very interesting quality of subconscious awareness in their clients.

  2. benbelinsky

    Laurie Morris – 21st October 2015:

    Reviewed by Laurie Morris in Insight issue 12

    Subtle and magical. When given undivided attention this album takes you to a very deep state, excellent for self-healing. Like a far-north land with pine and cedar forests, mirror-smooth lakes, natural silence and rich velvety darkness. Emerge revitalised.

  3. benbelinsky

    John Hitchens – 21st October 2015:

    “Wonderful! Thank you so much for sending me your new album. It is beautiful and introspective and sparse yet commanding of relaxed attention – a special release I think…” John Hitchens, painter, Petworth, Sussex, UK

  4. benbelinsky

    Giorgio Pennazzato – 21st October 2015:

    I heard your music. I dreamed. I relaxed.

    Giorgio Pennazzato, artist, Venice, Italy

  5. benbelinsky

    Robert Rich – 21st October 2015:

    “You’ve managed to get some very beautiful spaces out of a pretty minimal setup! ”

    Robert Rich, composer, Stanford, California

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