Gabriel’s Song

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Claudia van Buren & Brian Lee


Listen to a sample track:

  1. Clip 1 I wonder if 1:30
  2. Clip 2 Yes its happening 1:41
  3. Clip 3 The Long Road 1:38
  4. Clip 4 Joy 1:50

This is much more than an album for relaxation. It is a journey in sound from conception to birth. And like all journeys, there are moments of challenge. Listeners (both male and female) have said that this album has led them to a profound inner experience, and enabled them to access a space of deep healing which in some cases has helped them to let go of a painful past and make major changes in their lives.

Track Listing


1. I wonder if… 6:30

2. Yes, it’s happening 13:21

3. The Long Road 11:31

4. Joy! 11:12

Total 42:42

Burmese Gong, Cow Bell, Indian Bells, Prayer Bell, Singing bowl, Tambourine, Ting Shas, Triangles, Sea Sounds, Cimbala, Darabuka, Voice, Kyma, Toy Glockenspiel, Toy Xylophone, Rainsticks, Shakers, Whirly tubes, Laughter.

Concept: Gabriel

Instruments and Voices: Claudia van Buren

Composition and Production: Brian Lee

Cover art: Gina Ware

Recorded at Naked Light Studios: May/June 2010

Sea sounds recorded at Seaford, E. Sussex, April 2010,

Special thanks are due to:

Gabriel, Claudette, Birdsong, Ms Wolf, Santos.

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This album is particularly designed for:

Those who wish to have children but have not yet found the right partner/emotional situation to bring a child into the world.

Those who have successfully tried IVF or another alternative method to become pregnant

Those who have tried IVF and have not yet been successful

Those who are pregnant in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester

Those who have no desire to become pregnant

Those who are planning to adopt a child

Others may find it helpful in unlocking and unblocking the pain of their own difficult birth.

Once we’d finished the album we decided to make it available to selected individuals (again both women and men) asking them to listen and to keep a diary of their experiences over a period of thirty days. Among other things, people kept notes of their dreams and their emotional state. You can read some of their comments in the review section.

The most succinct response: “Very powerful indeed!”

Finally, here are Gabriel’s words:

I am Gabriel

This is my sacred song

A gift to all creators

A gift to mankind

I have walked within your heart throughout time

I have brought you the joy of expectancy

And have announced all birth

and given form to all life

I am Gabriel

This is my song

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Gabriel’s Song

  1. benbelinsky

    Dulce – 21st October 2015:

    It works powerfully like a deep cleansing, having a purifying effect of putting us living the PRESENT – I felt really good with that.

  2. benbelinsky

    Faris – 21st October 2015:

    Like being on a trip deep into myself. Really liked it … A deep journey into yourself at a primaeval level

  3. benbelinsky

    Nicky, homeopath – 21st October 2015:

    The album was quite extraordinary. Like watching a DVD rather than listening to music.

    A real experience, like an installation.

  4. benbelinsky

    Vanessa – 21st October 2015:

    The sounds of the CD have helped me to experience that although life can be painful and unpredictable, it is a blessing.

  5. benbelinsky

    LAM – 21st October 2015:

    … a most interesting experience. I’d say this album isn’t pretty, but it’s beautiful. It wasn’t all easy to hear; parts I found difficult, but it took me to some profound places in myself.

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