“Thank you for your poem and the enrichment it brings and renewed hope in this dark time that there is a pattern still weaving itself in this dark world.”


Kathleen Raine, Poet and founding member of the Temenos Academy


“Reverent and wise, your Gaia poems echo certain ancient Indian mystics and permeate the consciousness of the reader …”

Kaviraj George Dowden, Poet and bibliographer of Allen Ginsburg


“Thank you so much. The poems ring with the solace of lyric, the no nonsense of wisdom and the encouragement to be here for life.”

John Moat, Poet and co-founder of the Arvon Foundation.


“Brian Lee weaves hypnotic and deeply loving, often wistful, and sometimes whimsical songs that leave me with a sense of the vastness of creation, of the constant flow of change and of an endless capacity for miracles and wonder.”

Jan Morgan Wood, Sacred Hoop Magazine

“Songs for Gaia explores the current ecological crisis… However, it is by no means an ‘eco-doom’ piece. Its aim, he says is not to preach but to remind people of their connection with Nature, of their own dreaming, to remind ourselves that we are in fact part of Nature.”

Vicky Earle, Caduceus Journal