Scores of Pieces by Wilhelmina Roelvink and others

Pieces by Wilhelmina Roelvink.

Kleine Planeten Suite   for voice (or soprano lyre) and alto lyre. Saturn, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun scales.

Cradle Song   for voice and alto lyre. Moon scale.

Little Melody  for 2 soprano lyres. Jupiter scale.

Funeral March   for cello (or 2 soprano lyres) and alto lyre. Saturn and Venus scales

Hintenlied für Flöte und sopran leier.   (for flute and soprano lyre). Venus scale.

Piece in Jupiter Mode  for soprano and alto lyres. Sun scale.

Slummerlied  für Stimme und alto Leier (for voice and alto lyre) Words and music by Willy Roelvinck. Sun scale. Venus species.



Scores of pieces by other composers 
Züm   by Friedrich Doldinger.  
Mars Stück  for clarinet or cor anglais, flute, violin, viola, cello, 4 lyres. Composer unknown.  
Jupiter Stück.   for cor anglais or clarinet, flute, viola, cello, lyres. composer unknown.  
Mit Andacht (With Devotion)   for voice and lyres. composer unknown.  
Piece for Three lyres.   Venus and Saturn scales. composer unknown.  

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