Scores of Pieces by Elsie Hamilton

Pieces by Elsie Hamilton

Hymn to Ra.
For voice 2 lyres and bass lyre
(Sun scale 22, Venus species 12).

Olaf Åsterson.
For male and female choirs and lyres.

Final Verse of Olaf Åsterson  for voices, violin or flute, 2nd violin, cor anglais or viola, cello, lyres. in Rag Malkos

Wenn der Mensch warm in Liebe.

For voices and lyres.
Words by Rudolf Steiner
(Venus scale)

Finnisches Volkslied mit Begleitung

(Finnish Folksong with Accompaniment)
For clarinet and lyre.
(Jupiter scale)

Keltisches Volkslied
(Celtic Folksong) for clarinet and alto lyre.
(Saturn scale)

Steig hinan zu höhern Kreise
for soprano lyre, alto lyre.
Words by Goethe.
(Jupiter scale)

Lasst uns die Baüme lieben “Aus Sibylla Mariana”
for voice, soprano lyre and alto lyre.
Words by A. Steffen
(Venus scale)
Natur-Stimmung (Natural Tuning)
for flute, violin and 3 lyres
(Jupiter and Malkos scale)

Exercise in the Saturn Scale
for voice, 2 soprano lyres, 1 alto lyre.

Ecce Homo.  for voice and 3 lyres.
Words by Rudolf Steiner.
(Venus scale)

Largo, Stück für drei Leiern.
(Piece for 3 lyres)
for soprano lyre and 2 alto lyres.

Motto für die Schüle der Stimmenthüllung. for solo voice, choir and lyres. (words by Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström)

The notation of the tunings is explained in the article
Modes of Ancient Greece  by Elsie Hamilton.

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