On Poetry

The Poet and the Shaman is an article originally published in Sacred Hoop magazine in Autumn 2006. This piece started out as a talk at the Inspirational Arts Festival that I was encouraged to expand. It looks at what poets and shamans have in common and the use of language. 
El Poeta y el Chamán es un artículo publicado originalmente en inglés para la revista Sacred Hoop, enotoño de 2006.Traducido ahora por José Manuel Camacho, se trata de un acercamiento a las similitudes entre los poetas los chamanes; ademásreflexiona también sobre el uso del lenguaje. 
On the haiku  is a brief piece that looks at this briefest of Japanese verse forms. 
What is drawn? 
What is written? 
What is spoken? 
What is sung? 
An Introduction to World Poetry
  by Brian Lee. About the poetry of indigenous peoples and their influence on the poets of today. 
Flower and Song of the Aztec People by Georgina D’Angelo. Georgina discovered and fell in love with the poetry of the Aztecs during her time in Mexico. Here she tells the story of how these poems survived the destruction of the Aztec civilisation and became known to the west and reveals to us their symbolism, their ecstasy and their complex fatalistic beauty. 
Indigenous and Shamanic Poetry Recommended books, recordings and websites touching on Native American, Siberian, Mexican, Chinese, African and Celtic traditions as well as the poetry and songs of Jim Morrison. 

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